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Donna Kelly Thibedeau-Eddy

I began my career with equines at Virginia Intermont college in 1984.  Started riding at an early age.  My first horse was Sill.  He was an Artillery horse at Ft Sill Oklahoma.  I was seven years old when my parents said that I could only have a horse if I could find one for less than 40 usd per month with no additional charges, well, I became creative.  I talked to the person in charge of the Artillery horses at the local military stable.  I told them that I would take full responsibilty for the horse if I could just ride him a couple days a week in lessons.  I would pay for his leasing, clean his stall, feed him twice per day, clean all tack, including harness for the cannon that he pulled in parades, and generally give him all the love that he deserved after serving the military for over 17 years of his life.  The decision was simple on their part I guess, but I thought that I was the lucky one.   I spent many long hours, summer and winter riding a bicycle back and forth from our home on base the the stable.  It was about 5 miles, and I did it twice a day.  I had to keep up grades as part of the contract with my parents, but that was a small price to pay for my own horse.  This as the beginning of a life long love that only grows with age.  

Chris and Donna Eddy

My family that makes all this possible.