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Dimitry, born Sept 11, 2009. This little guy came into our program as a donation. He is a very special colt that I believe will be a fabulous asset to our program. This colt is a Nez Perce Horse with a strong foundation of Akhal Teke blood. This breed of horse has been as asset to many of the most hostile groups of conquerers in world history. The Akhal Teke was the mount of Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Ghangis Khan as well as the Sythians, Parthians and many others. We will be taking this little horse that has been utilized as a weapon of war to heal the trauma that war creates. We know that he is a very special addition to our program. His ancestors come from Turkmenistan, a small country that borders both Iraq and Afganistan. His bloodlines trace back to about 900 BC. This is believed to be the first domesticated breed of horse. Their genetics have been fiercely guarded to protect this regal bloodline.