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Lochsa, or Loki as we call her, came to us as a very generous donation to assist in creating a team of Endurance horses to race in the AERC endurance sport. She is very loving and enjoys being with people. She is training to compete this spring and summer in the NW Conference of the Endurance sport. She will begin the year on April 16 in the Antelope Island Endurance Race doing 50 miles on Saturday and an additional 50 miles on Sunday. Lochsa was bred by the Nez Perce Tribe in Lopwai Idaho. She was the offspring of Mangus Colorado, a stallion the the tribe aquired as a donation to help to bring back the earlier horses that the tribe was famous for. Mangus colorado was an Akhal Teke from Turkmenistan, The Nez Perce used him to enhance the bloodlines of their appaloosa mares. The Nez Perce tribe has an ongoing project to bring back the magnificent horses that they were known for when Luis and Clarke expedition came through this area in Idaho's early history. The Akhal Teke stallions were chosen for their history of success with endurance, athleticism, flexibility for all equine sports. The breed has been set apart for their incredible hair that unlike other equine breeds has a hollow hair shaft. This gives them a metallic gleen that is particular to this breed.

A little about the history of the Akhal Teke, they have been used historically as horses of war. The Teke hails from Turkmenistan, a country that was part of the former Soviet Republic. It is said the Ghangis Khan's mount was a Teke, as well as the mount of Alexander the great. It is also told that the Chinese emperor, Wu Ti, in 141 BC sent an expedition with Gold and gifts to purchase Akhal Teke breeding stock. His offer was refused, so several years later he sent 60,000 soldiers and returned with 10 Akhal Teke's, 1 stallion and 9 mares. The Teke can be traced back to the 7th and 8th century BC. They were the primary mounts of the Scythians, as well as the Sarmatians. We believe here at the sanctuary that these horses, used for so many centuries for raiding parties and war parties in the area between Iraq and Afghanistan, are a blessing sent to help us to help the US soldiers that are engaged in warfare in these areas. These war horses were used for centuries to help to win wars and conquer countries, now they will be used to help soldiers readjust to life after being in a war zone.

Just a note, It is my personal goal to put 8000 miles on Loki in the next year. This is the approximate distance between Idaho and Kabul Afganistan. I am striving to bring the publics attention to the fact that there is a American POW that was captured in Afghanistan in 2009. We have not heard anything about his fate in the media in a long time. His family deserves to know where he is. I simply want the public to know that we do still have one of our own missing in Afghanistan, and to keep him and his family in their thoughts and prayers.