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Ned, 8 years old, This Clydesdale stallion has been part of our program since the beginning.  He is such a mild mannered stallion.  He is a leader that encourages others to follow him with gentleness and kindness.  Rarely do we see Stallion mannerisms out of this guy.  He gets along with almost anyone, but is never a pushover.  He is big and intimidating.  He came to live here as a 4 year old that had very little experience with people.  He had spent much of his life in a pasture with his mom.  He had not learned to work with people and was very big to start teaching to lead and connect with people.  He is always the center of attention when he is included in group activities.  He has a presence that lets everyone know he is in charge.  Most Veterans identify with him as a natural leader.