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Written by the Veteran that has been his partner though all training


Trooper was born at Tranquil Valley Sanctuary. He was first called Junior but Trooper seem to fit him a little better since he‘s partner‘s with a Paratrooper. He is ¼ Morgan, ¼ Arab, and ½ Clydesdale. He is currently 5 years old, and has the brain of, well more advanced than that Paratrooper. He’s been known to get into about anything just to get something to eat. He once broke into a trailer for some alfalfa which you wouldn’t’ think a horse could get into, so he couldn‘t get out but that’s not the point. He loves to jump the fence into the hay corral and eat all night. He’s even taught some others to follow him then he jumps back out leaving them in there to take the blame.

Trooper has been a really good partner. He’s allowed a very, very green rider to make all the mistakes possible and yet has stood by his side all the way. Two weeks after Trooper had a rider on him he went on a 100 mile trip in Honor of America’s POW Bowe Berghdal. As a newly broke horse he did wonderful even hosting a POW Flag and ponying the Riderless Horse in Honor of Bowe, something he’s never done and he did it with all kinds of traffic and through the city of Rupert, not an easy task for any horse, especially a green one.
He has also done a Buffalo Roundup, not only was he able to round up the buffalo (in which he enjoyed tremendously, he had to get right in the middle and do some major work that not any horse would do. All by himself he cut a herd of about 40 by himself with pull of a rein. Such a brave Trooper! 

He has an amazing personality, although pretty quite he knows how to take care of his rider. He’s been in some pretty hairy situations, (not his fault) and always handled it great and took care of his rider. He loves to work and has the will of any Soldier who will come to the ranch. Just like a soldier has to push it sometimes where most could not do it, that is Troopers attitude, he pushes through anything.

You can call him a horse, you can call him Trooper, most of all you can call him a best friend.