Sponsors and Donors

Please thank our Sponsors and Donors and take the time to visit the sites of these sponsors that have helped us.

Fmr Cpt Luis Montalvan and Tuesday, Until Tuesday

Until Tuesday FaceBook

Henry Repeating Arms in Donating 5 Rifles customized with our Logo to be raffled.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to get first chance at our raffle tickets.  Henry Repeating Arms has recently released a commemorative Military version of their Golden boy Rifle to support Veterans causes.  Thank you Anthony

Henry Repeating Arms Company Brooklyn, NY

Powell Arms of Brave spirits supports Veterans programs everyday.  His company donates $2.00 from the sale of every bottle of alcohol that they sell to support programs that help our nations heroes. Thank you Powell

Brave Spirits

Fluids Management for a generous donation on behalf of all of their clients as a Christmas Gift

Remember this is all possible only by generous donations from our sponsors.  Please take time to visit the businesses that support this great cause.  When you support them, you support our Veterans.

I would like to thank the Altman Foundation for their generous donation this year.  This came at a time when funding is really needed and very appreciated.  Sometimes the winter months are so hard, little time for fundraising and lots of work.   There are few if any volunteers that help in the winter,and although we rarely have visitors at the ranch, the work is still there and multiplied as we fight the severity of the season.  Their donation will help to feed the horses and buy wormer that was needed for each of the residents at Tranquil Valley.

 Special thanks goes to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT....and Volunteer services for all their help connecting us with those that need our services.

Henry Repeating Arms Company

Brooklyn, NY

Hansen Motor Company

Brigham City Utah


Brigham City Utah

Kent Market

Tremonton    Utah

Allstate Insurance

Brigham City  Utah

Vescos Motorsports

Brigham City  Utah

FOE Club

Tremonton Utah

Cal Ranch

Logan Utah

Cal Ranch

Pocatello, ID

Winn Feed, Inc.

Logan Utah

Checker Auto

Ogden Utah


Logan Utah

Annettes Photography

Malad City, ID

Ward Feed and Seed

Malad City, ID

Brave Spirits

Philadelphia, PA

Fluids Management

Houston, TX

Napa Autoparts

Malad City, ID

Thomas Market

Malad City, ID

True Value Hardware

Malad City, ID

Matt Pickett designed our logo, he did not charge us for all the hours of work he put into that or our business cards or brochures.  
Thank you Matt

Pickett Design 

Individual Sponsors


Chuck and Phyllis Martinell

Philadephia PA

Bruce and Barbara Kelly

Atlanta    GA

John Baltazav

Brigham City UT

Keith Harding

Brigham City  UT

Steve Hanson

Brigham City  UT

Ron Millar

Roy UT

Chris Eddy

Malad City  ID 

Christopher and Anacatia Thibedeau             

Logan UT

Andrea Daniels

Malad City  ID

Jaime and Rodney Cruce

Orlando FL

Gene Greene

CLearfield UT

Karen Crow

Brigham City, UT

Trisha Mikolai


David Schneider


Virginia Martin

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Kent and Hazel Rosenberger

Richmond, TX

Marge Wasson

Mahwah, NJ

Eskil Eriksson

Macedonia, OH